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Drivers Give GoShare Great Reviews

What is it like to drive with GoShare? We’re proud to have so many positive reviews from the drivers that use GoShare to find hotshot loads, last mile delivery runs, moving jobs and hauling gigs. Read and watch video reviews below from real GoShare drivers and hear about their experience working with GoShare.

“I like the complete autonomy of schedule. Work when I want, play when I want.”

– Eric, San Diego

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GoShare Driver Reviews

Extra Income

“Since teaming up with GoShare, it has been a great experience and a wonderful supplemental source of income. I enjoy the flexibility of working during the hours that are most suitable for me and selecting jobs that best coincide with my schedule. I highly recommend those seeking additional or part-time jobs to join this newly found reputable gig. Personally, I selected to join GoShare amongst other companies because of their advertised pay rate – $42-67 an hour, which has been proven to be true!”

-Paolo V. (Source: Android App)

Reliable and Easy

“I’m a driver and a customer. Great app. Easy, convenient and very reasonable prices. Really reliable as well. Recommend for everyone to use it. GoShare keep up the good work and thank you for making moves and deliveries so easy.”

-Niku Star (Source: Android App)

Part-Time Earnings

“Working with GoShare for about 5mo making great money on a part-time basis 3k bam! I love the team very helpful when I need help, can’t wait to meet them in person! Grateful!”

-Art L. (Source: Android App)

Easy Money

“Really easy money for the amount of time taken to do this task. Can’t wait for the next one 👍”

-Derrik Lemuel (Source: Android App)

Easy to Use

Awesome app. Easy to use compared to other apps I’ve tried.”

-Matthew Vue (Source: Android App)

Top On-Demand Delivery Drivers

“Top shelf Delivery drivers on demand. App and service work amazingly well for any customer need. Highly recommend.”

– R. Kumarsky (Source: iPhone App)

Help People and Make Extra Money

“They are awesome. If you have a truck and some downtime check them out. Great way to help people and make extra money. The Uber and Lyft of small trucks. Great idea.”

-R. Resler (Source: Facebook)

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