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Real Reviews From GoShare Customers

Below is a selection of a few of our favorite GoShare customer reviews. To see reviews from our drivers, visit our driver reviews roundup. To hear reviews from our business partners, look at our business testimonial page.

10 out of 10

“The app is easy to navigate and customer service are paying attention to your needs and find the best possible ways to help with your project. It’s a 10/10 for me…”

– Gary (Source: iOS App)

Above and Beyond

This was the first time I used GoShare and I found it extremely easy and the driver I used was a great person going above and beyond what I would have expected. I will be using this application rather than renting a truck from here on in.

– Gene Neigoff (Source: Google Business Listing)

Smooth Transition

This was the coolest service ever! I live alone and have a small car, so this was very helpful. Within 30 minutes of requesting service, someone was there to help. Customer service was texting me a long way. Overall, it was a very easy experience and I’m very enthusiastic about supporting this business.

– Katelyn Jewell (Source:  Google Business Listing)

Support the Local Economy

Such an amazing app. Helped me save $600 on furniture by buying secondhand instead of relying on Amazon for free delivery. I’ve already recommended this to a bunch of my friends. The guy who moved my sofa was on time, polite, extremely careful, and very professional. The app is very easy to use and gives you accurate estimates.

-Franny (Source: iOS App)

Helpful Customer Service

“First time experience with them. They were right on the ball. Customer service very helpful in making things work well and took care of my concerns. They were right on time. Good estimate for time n travel. Very happy and would highly recommend both company app and moving team”

– Anonymous (Source: iOS App)

Delivered Right to My Door

“I love to shop at Homegoods but in the past I always passed on larger items as I stood contemplating how I would get the piece home. Now I don’t have to worry! With GoShare I can purchase those items I want and have them delivered right to my door. I purchased a beautiful outdoor set today at 11am signed up for GoShare at 2:30 and my furniture was at my house by 4:45pm. I love this service. John my delivery man was awesome too”

-Molly (Source: iOS App)

Last-Minute Delivery Help in 15 Minutes

“Needed a new couch delivered from Big Lots without any planning. Store was closing, googled this App and within 15 minutes had a professional driver pick up and deliver to my house. So simple from start to finish.”

– Weston Purdell (Source: Android App)

Helpful Apartment Movers

“I can’t say enough great things about this company. I just moved here from the east coast and have been struggling to get all my furniture in my apartment by myself. These guys did EVERYTHING for me! They picked up my furniture and delivered it to my third level apartment, and for an AMAZING PRICE! I highly recommend Esteban he was super friendly and funny! I know for sure I’ll be using them again in the future!”

– Melissa K. (Source: Yelp)

Great App and Customer Service

“This app has been a lifesaver! I don’t have a car so getting anything large is a pain. This has taken the hassle out of getting things home. I’ve used the service a few times now and will keep using it. Highly recommend! Also, the customer service has been fast and friendly. Something that isn’t as common as it used to be. Their chat has helped me get questions answered super quick.”

– Jin H. (Source: Android app)

Easy to Use Solution for Furniture Delivery

“I have found pieces of furniture at Home Goods in the past but neglected to purchase due to not having the right truck to transport – yesterday I found 2 gorgeous pieces to use in our rental home at the beach & was so happy to see the advertisement right there on top of the tv cabinet I wanted – I signed up while waiting in line and just had both pieces delivered by Henry! Very professionals and punctual! Love this service & will ask for Henry in the future!”

-B. Cavaciuiti (Source: iOS app)

Easy and Efficient

“We just used  for the first time getting a giant patio set from Costco to our house. It was such an easy and efficient experience. I highly recommend it.”

-Sheli Higgins (Source: Twitter)

Amazing Experience

“Have to admit, I was a tad nervous about hiring rando guys to come move my bed from one house to another, but it was an amazing experience. I chose to have a mover and helper because I seriously just didn’t want to do anything but open doors and make sure they had clear pathways. (I requested a dolly also just to keep it easy.) The app shows you pics of the movers who accepted your job and gives you their names and a handy little button to push if you need to contact them (call or text).”

-Dawn A. (Source: Android App)

Smooth Delivery

“Delivery was smooth overall. I have requested to have one driver with pick up truck, and one additional helper for my leather couch. They called me 10 mins before the meet up time for follow up, and moved the couch safely. Price was reasonable for 30 minutes service, and I am looking forward to use this app again”

-B. Lee (Source: Android App)

Fast Costco Delivery

“I used GoShare for the first time last week and was delighted at the service I received.  I was at Costco contemplating how I could get a patio set home that was too large to put in my car.  The set was not available for online delivery.  One of the Costco employees told me about GoShare and within a few minutes, I had the app downloaded on my phone and had placed an order for a driver with a truck to pick up the patio set and deliver it to my house.  I didn’t even have to wait at Costco for the driver to arrive.  My patio set was delivered within the hour and placed right in my backyard by the driver.  The delivery cost was very reasonable and the service was excellent.  What a great concept!”

-Marilyn Y. (Source: Yelp)

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